Bye Boys: Farewell To Supernatural’s Crowley



Supernatural season 13 aired last night which officially means the end for the show’s longest-serving adversary. Mark Sheppard quickly became a fan favourite when he joined the show in season 5 and he eventually became a series regular in season 10. His on/off relationship with Sam and Dean has been one of the best parts of the show and, love him or hate him, his rise from a crossroads demon to the King of Hell deserves a round of applause.

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5 Great Music Moments on TV

1. Sons of Anarchy: “Alesund” by Sun Kill Moon

After a long and arduous search for his son, Jax finally finds Abel in the arms of a young, loving couple. He is now faced with the toughest decision of his life: whether or not to leave Abel with them. We see Jax as he follows Abel and the couple through a market. He walks, he looks, he tries to decide. It’s an incredibly heartbreaking sequence and the subtle haunting beauty of “Alesund” only makes it more so.

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